Work from the land, ideas from the sea

A ceramics graduate of Cardiff, Jacqueline makes thrown and handbuilt forms based on the environment where she lives in Devoran and where her studio is based in Penpol, Cornwall. Coastal rock formations and creek views inform her aesthetic language. The clay is cornish white stoneware and the emphasis is on form and surface.

Jacqueline has exhibited widely throughout Cornwall and beyond at both galleries and exhibitions.

Her broad pottery teaching experience spans more than 30 years and encompasses all age ranges from pre-school to adults, both classroom and workshop based. For many years she has worked at Rochester Independent College as Director of Visual Arts and Marketing. She was also a Learning and Participation Officer at the Leach Pottery in St Ives from 2015 to 2021.

Waters Edge Studio

Waters Edge Studio, set in an idyllic location, is a constant inspiration. The view from the studio window allows Jacqueline to consider the rise and fall of the tide, the ever changing colours and the effects of the weather. Cornish weather is fast – one minute it may be glorious sunshine reflected off the creek mud at low tide, the next the mizzle may come down rendering the landscape with a soft grey glow.